Extension Activities

Smt. N. P. Divatia Viklang Vikas Abhiyaan

This was launched in 2004 in fond memory of our trustee Late Smt. Nandini P Divatia. The main Objectives were as under.

  • (1) To create awareness in the society about the problems and Needs of disables.
  • (2) To facilitate better integration of disabled with the mainstream Society.
  • (3) To provide better opportunities for training and working to Divyangs.
  • (4) To create network among those interested in Divyangs and Provide all entrepreneurs at help to Divyang.

We have carried out various types of activities to help Divyang under this cell.

  • (A) We have organised meetings and seminars for creating awareness for this cause.
  • (B) We established Employment Services Center for Disabled in 2012 and helped 417 disabled till now in getting employment. At present it helps in disseminating information on employment opportunities and helping for interviews.
  • (C) Entrepreneurship Development Center for Divyang (EDC) The center is established to help divyang entrepreneurs in;
    • Project Identification
    • Identification and transfer of appropriate technology
    • Purchase of equipment & raw-materials
    • Marketing
    • Quality Control
    • Financial Management & Banking Services
    • Management Services such as Accounting, Taxation, Correspondence, Advertisement, Design, Packaging etc.
    • Recruitment and man power Management
    • Back Office Support for correspondence, accounting, legal issues and formalities.
    • Provision of literature in forms acceptable to disabled.

Smt. N. P. Divatia Viklang Vikas Abhiyaan

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